When Do You Need to Clean Your Gutters?

Clean gutters help direct the flow of water around your home. They help guide the flow toward sewers and water distribution channels, and minimize the impact and potential damage of standing water. So as a homeowner, it is pivotal to assess the best schedule for cleaning your gutters and keeping the system in peak condition. 

Today we’ll address the question “When Do You Need Gutter Cleaning Services?”.

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Most Homeowners Require Annual Cleaning

As a very general rule, you should clean home gutters on an annual basis. However, if you live in a cooler climate where ice, snow, and blowing debris impact the environment throughout the winter months, you may require gutter cleaning services more regularly.

You should also note that gutter care is a year-round job. A summer storm can blow debris into the gutter, requiring cleaning services. Consulting with a professional cleaner is the best way to analyze your options and determine the optimal cleaning schedule for your property’s gutters.

Signs Gutter Cleaning Services are Required

As a homeowner, you should learn to recognize potential structural problems around your property. Recognizing these signs can help you reduce your home repair costs for years to come. 

Here are a few of the signs that your home requires expert gutter cleaning:

  • The gutters sag
  • Water spills over the eaves and gutters
  • Plants are growing around gutters
  • Water stains appear on the side of the home
  • There’s standing water directly underneath the gutters

What Does a Gutter Cleaning Service Include?

Typically, a gutter cleaning service eliminates the debris from within the gutter and then removes it from the property. The cleaning services company will then flush gutters to test for optimal water flow around the home. 

Some companies also specialize in gutter repair, so ensure you consult with the firm directly if you also require repair and maintenance work.

What Happens When Gutters are Not Cleaned Regularly?

If you don’t commit to regular gutter cleaning, several issues may begin to occur around the home. The gutters act as a fundamental structural element of the property, and so you’ll likely run into several challenges when you don’t commit to the required maintenance. 

Here are just a few examples of the issues you’ll face when your gutters at not kept in peak condition:

  • Water leaks around the home: If you don’t clean your gutters, your home is in danger of experiencing leaks across the property. For example, the water flow will no longer travel away from the basement. So you may find that water sits directly close to basement window frames.  Sitting water may allow moisture into basement walls, causing damage to the entire structure over time. Another consideration is the foundation. Your foundation may crack if water settles in the area and seeps into the surrounding soil. This level of damage is dangerous and highlights the importance of expert gutter cleaning services.
  • Damage to driveways: When you don’t clean your gutters, you may also experience damage to your driveway. The water from the guttering will not flow directly away from your home toward sewer grates and other water distribution channels. It will settle on the driveway surface and could potentially cause long-standing damage to driveway paving.  Not only is this issue expensive to fix, but it could also cause damage to your car as you’re constantly driving over the surface.
  • Damage to landscaping: If you’ve recently renovated your home lawn or the surrounding landscapes, you should know that your home gutters play a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem. Ineffective guttering can cause large amounts of water to settle on your lawn and in plant areas. Over time, this can cause flooding that may damage to planters and other wooden landscaping structures. By consulting directly with a gutter cleaning service provider, you can help safeguard your property for the years ahead.

But how can you tell which is the best company for your cleaning requirements?

Tips for Choosing a Gutter Cleaning Services Firm

Follow these tips when evaluating local gutter cleaning companies in your area:

  • Ask the company about their local experience: Do they understand the local climate and the area? Are they able to respond quickly to your requirements if you need emergency cleaning services?
  • Discuss cost ahead of the work: Ask for a basic quote before you book the company’s services. The quoted price can set the foundation for the process, allowing you to budget for the cleaning work.
  • Review guarantees: Does the company guarantee their cleaning work? Can they offer you a warranty for their gutter maintenance services? Take the time to speak with a specialist at the company about how they back their work and the style of guarantee they provide customers.
  • Ask for insurance: The gutter cleaning services company you select must have insurance for work on your home. Otherwise, you could be held liable for an injury or property damage that occurs during the gutter cleaning work. Before the team begins any work, ask for proof of insurance from their management staff.
  • Review the company’s background: How long has the company been working in the industry? Is their team experienced in gutter cleaning work? Ensure that the company you select has a comprehensive background in gutter cleaning and can provide you with past examples of their work. Their working history can help you feel more confident in the quality of the work they will complete on your home.

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