How to Choose the Best Gutters for Your Home

Your home’s gutters play an important part in its longevity and functionality as the years go by. Without a quality gutter system, you could end up dealing with issues like mold, rot, and mildew as well as structural problems in your foundation. Having the right gutters for your particular home can give you many years of trouble-free living no matter what kind of weather you deal with in your area. 

Knowing how to choose the best gutters for your home can help you make the right decision. 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Gutters for Your Home 

Your Home’s Design 

The design and style of your home have a lot to do with what kind of gutters you need. If your house has very short overhangs on the roof, it will usually need wider gutters to catch all the rainwater and divert it away from the house. If you have large overhangs or your home is built on a hill, there is a possibility that it may not need any gutters at all since the rain will naturally move away from the roof and foundation. Knowing what your specific type of home requires will guide your decision when it comes to gutters. 


The cost associated with installing gutters will also play a large part in the kind you choose to install. For example, less expensive materials like vinyl and aluminum will only cost between $1 and $8 per linear foot. However, if you want higher-quality materials like zinc or copper, you should plan to pay between $9 and $18 per linear foot. If you have a large home or a home with many stories, these prices can have a big effect on the total cost of your gutter installation. 


You should also consider the amount and type of foliage that is around your home. If you have a lot of trees or foliage that hangs over your roof, you will have to think about leaf filters and gutter guards. Clogged gutters can cause serious issues with drainage and making sure your gutters are protected is an important part of the installation process. Having these extra protections in place may cost more up front, but they will save you money on maintenance and repairs in the long run. 


The type of weather you have in your particular area should also be taken into consideration when you are choosing the best gutters for your home. In places with heavy rain, having wider gutters can offer better protection during the wetter months. If you live in an area that is very cold and gets a lot of snow and ice, you will most likely want to choose gutters that are made of higher-quality materials like zinc or copper. 

Gutter Materials


Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for gutters due to its relative durability and low cost. Aluminum is resistant to rust and will not corrode like other budget options such as vinyl. It is also available in a wide range of colors, which makes it perfect if you want to install a quality gutter system and also want to enhance the look of your home. 


Vinyl is by far the least expensive gutter option and is incredibly easy to work with and cut to size for your home. If you are looking to install your gutter system yourself, vinyl could be a great option for you. It is readily available at almost any home improvement store and comes in many different colors so you can create a gutter system that fits perfectly with your home. 


Zinc is a metal that is most commonly used in pennies but it is also perfectly suited for gutters. The strength and durability that makes it ideal for use in coins also make it a great choice for your gutter system. If you live in an area that has a lot of harsh weather, zinc may be your best option since it is incredibly strong and rust-resistant. 


Copper is the most expensive material choice for your gutters but it has a lot of benefits. It is a solid metal, which gives it more durability than almost any other type of material. It is also very aesthetically pleasing with its deep reddish-gold color. It should be noted, however, that without proper cleaning and polishing, copper will eventually change color to a greenish-brown, so it requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its original beauty. 

Gutter Styles


Box-bottom gutters are one of the most popular options for modern homes. Most of the gutters you see on traditional houses will be box-bottom types. These gutters don’t have any kind of decorative shape and are instead simple and designed to be as functional as possible. They have a deep trough and can handle large amounts of water runoff, which makes them perfect for commercial buildings or homes that are in very rainy areas. 


K-style gutters are another very popular type. They are flat on the side that is attached to the home and the front-facing section can be molded in many different shapes. They have a similar look to crown molding, which makes them a great choice if you want to enhance the look of your home. However, their shape makes them very prone to clogs, especially if you have a lot of foliage around your house. 


Fascia gutters are very tall and narrow and usually will cover the total height of a home’s front fascia. Because of their shape, they can divert large amounts of water, however, they are also very difficult to clean and maintain. 

Types of Gutters


If you are looking for a sleek, modern aesthetic for your home, seamless gutters might be your best option. Seamless gutters come in one piece and will be molded to fit your house’s exterior. Since they don’t have any seams, they will be much less prone to leaks and other structural issues. They will almost always need to be installed by professionals, though, since they have to be transported on trucks and molded with specialized extruding machines. 


Sectional gutters come in ten-foot lengths and can be installed on your home’s roofline using hooks and hangers. This type of gutter is perfect if you want to install them yourself. However, they must be installed properly since the seams can cause leaking and other problems if they are not sealed correctly. 

When to Contact a Professional

If you need help choosing the best gutters for your home, it is a good idea to call a professional. They will be able to take all of your home’s needs into consideration and come up with the perfect gutter solution. They will also be able to make style and design recommendations and will have the experience needed to do a proper installation. 

A gutter professional can help you make the most of your home’s gutter system and ensure that you will be happy with its look and performance for years to come.