How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

For a gutter system to protect your home, it needs to be working properly. Leaves, sticks, shingle particles, and other debris can collect inside these systems, creating dams and defeating the purpose. But, a professional gutter cleaning service will remove those dams and ensure that your gutter system can protect your home the way it’s intended.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost On Average?

We spoke to hundreds of companies across the nation to understand how much gutter cleaning near you costs. On average, gutter cleaning costs $166 for a typical home in the United States. However, for larger homes that are over 2,500 square feet and 2-stories, the average price of gutter cleaning is $205.

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Gutter Cleaning Costs Differ Depending On Where You Live

You might not realize it, but the cost of gutter cleaning will vary based on region. If the cost of living and prices of other services are higher where you live, typically your gutter cleaning providers will be more expensive too. Also, weather conditions, like frequent rainfall, and heavy tree coverage can make gutter cleaning more difficult and expensive.

gutter cleaning cost

Other Factors That Influence Gutter Cleaning Costs

Some other factors that influence gutter cleaning cost, regardless of region, include:

  • Home Size: The more linear feet of gutters you have, the more expensive cleaning them will be. Typically, providers will ask you about the square footage and number of stories of your home in order to give you a quote. The Folium Five provides actual quotes from real providers for both average homes and larger homes.
  • Gutter Guards: Gutter guards may help reduce some debris, but will still require gutter cleaning at least once a year. If you have gutter guards in place, gutter cleaning will be more expensive.
  • Gutter Conditions: The condition of the gutters and the last time anyone cleaned them can influence cost. There may be additional costs if you have clogged downspouts or repairs needed. It is smart to hire a gutter cleaning service two to three times per year to prevent damage to your home.
  • Home Access: Trees, landscaping, grade changes, and steep roof slopes can make gutter cleaning more challenging and increase costs.

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