Detroit, MI Gutter Cleaners

Here's everything you need to know about the 5 best gutter cleaning providers in Detroit.
Google Rating
Midwest Gutter Cleaning
$ 150
$ 89
$ 200
$ 110
Excel Cleaning Bros.
$ 205
$ 173
Dodds & Dodds Gutter Cleaning
$ 250
$ 175
Lake State Cleaning
$ 240
$ 180

*Pricing is based on an average house - 1,600 sq ft. ranch (1 level), 3 bedrooms, asphalt roof, and gutters on the front and back of the house.

Compared to other major cities, Detroit, Michigan’s gutter cleaning problem looks very different. While leaves from the city’s 174,000 trees can cause clogs, it’s the cold weather and snow accumulation that can do the real damage. If clogged gutters prevent the melted snow from draining properly, it will freeze and cause ice dams, forcing water under the shingles and back into the house. Knowing how serious that can be, Folium suggests the following 5 gutter cleaning providers in the Motor City area. In fact, we service the entire Detroit area, including Troy, Southfield, Farmington Hills, Livonia, and more.

    Choosing Your Provider

    The information we collected above should make it easier to choose a gutter cleaner.
    As you make your decision, though, there are several factors we recommend you consider



    Does the vendor
    Offer a service guarantee (e.g., 30-day no-clog guarantee)?
    Flush gutters with water before finishing the job?
    Bag debris, rather than blowing it into your landscaping?
    Have a valid insurance policy that protects its employees and you?



    Does the vendor
    Answer the phone when you call?
    Notify you via call, text or email, before they show up?



    Price is top of mind when hiring a gutter cleaner and should be balanced with a vendor's quality and reliability

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