Clean Those Gutters! 6 Problems You’ll Have to Deal with If You Don’t

Your gutters are a central hub for transferring rainwater away from the home. It may not be top of mind, but they do need maintenance. This hidden area of your property can have a significant impact on home safety. 

Without professional gutter cleaning, you can experience several expensive and dangerous issues. 

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Let’s explore some specific problems that result from not cleaning your gutters:

1)  Driveway Damage

If you don’t work with professional gutter cleaning companies, your home driveway may experience flood damage. Cracks and holes can occur on your driveway surface. These structural issues can be an expensive fix and can also lead to vehicle damage.

2)  Flooded Basements

Your basement space is highly vulnerable to flooding. If you don’t clear your guttering around the home, the water may travel to the basement space. Over time, water can seep through cracks in windows and underneath basement flooring, causing significant damage throughout the basement.

3)  Foundation Issues

The foundation of your home must be kept in immaculate condition to safeguard the entire structure. If water is allowed to settle close to the foundation because of guttering problems, you may find cracks beginning to appear in the foundation. 

These foundation cracks can be expensive to fix and require you to stay away from the property while repair work is ongoing.

4)  Pest Concerns

Standing water invites mosquitos and other pests onto your property. Once they’re there, it’s difficult to remove these types of unwanted guests. They bring several potential health concerns with them and can make your outdoor space less enjoyable, too. 

Simply repairing your guttering before it becomes a problem can help prevent pest intrusion.

5)  Roof Damage

When you don’t take guttering concerns seriously, the immediate aftermath will affect your roof and the surrounding areas. 

This impact can lead to roof leaks and ultimately damage ceilings within the home. A proactive approach to guttering maintenance can ensure your home roof remains in peak condition for many years to come.

6)  Ice Buildup

When the temperatures drop, any issues you have with standing water around the property multiply. If you allow water to settle in your guttering, this water can freeze during the fall and winter. This issue may lead to the guttering pulling away from the home, causing further damage throughout the property.