The 6 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire a Gutter Cleaning Company

Gutters play a critical role in protecting your home from damage. They collect the water that runs down from the roof and drain it away from the house, rather than letting it drip from the roof and cause foundation damage or other issues. Since gutters are so important, you can’t just pick any contractor from the list of gutter cleaners near you. You need to trust them to do the job correctly.

But if you’re not sure how to vet gutter cleaners, you’re not alone. This guide on the six questions you should ask before you hire a gutter cleaning company will help.

Gutter Cleaning Company

What are their customers saying?

This might not be a question for the gutter cleaners themselves, but a question you should be asking nonetheless. One of the best ways to assess how a company conducts business is to check reviews from their previous customers. Word of mouth is great, but nothing tells a story quite like a compilation of reviews.

There are plenty of places to check reviews, including Angi, Google reviews, and the company’s Facebook page. Understand that upset customers are more likely to leave reviews than happy ones, so don’t let just one or two upset reviews dissuade you. Be sure to read through all of the reviews in order to get a complete picture of the company’s practices.

Can you have a copy of their credentials?

Before you let the gutter cleaners remove a ladder from their truck, you need to ensure they carry the credentials that will protect you in the long run. Ask them for a copy of general liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance (if they have employees), and a business license.

If they aren’t able to produce these credentials, consider moving onto another service. Without the appropriate insurances, any damages or injuries could fall on you and your homeowner’s insurance. Also, a business license provides at least some accountability.

Do they provide any additional services besides gutter cleaning?

Some gutter cleaners provide additional services. They might cost extra, but they’re often worth the investment. For example, if the gutter cleaners notice that there is a leak or damage, will they seal it or will you have to hire another company to come behind them? Some gutter cleaning companies also install gutter guards over top of the gutters, while some might not. It’s essential to have a clear idea of which services they’ll provide.

Who is responsible for clean-up? You or the gutter cleaners?

Leaves, dirt, and decomposing twigs can create a thick, dark, sludgy mess, and this concoction is responsible for many gutter flow issues. Gutter cleaners will remove the leaves, twigs, and sludge, but you want to ensure they’re not going to leave them in your azaleas or sprinkled about the tips of your Kentucky bluegrass.

How much does gutter cleaning cost? Is it a fixed price?

One of the fears homeowners have about hiring a service is a company jacking the price when they’re halfway through the work. Getting an upfront cost for gutter cleaning is a key, and be sure to ask if it’s a fixed price.

Don’t be surprised if it’s not a fixed price, and that doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker. Ask about what additional costs could come up and how much they typically run.

Do they guarantee or warranty their gutter cleaning services?

A lot is riding on the gutter cleaners doing their job correctly. If they don’t, you could end up with foundation damage, a flooded basement, or more. For that reason, it’s important to ask if they guarantee or warranty their services.

Understand that typical debris will collect in the gutters over time. But some gutter cleaners will offer a guarantee that your gutters will flow correctly for 30 to 60 days. Also, if they install covers over your gutters or other products, be sure to ask about their warranty period as well.

With those six questions, you’ll be able to select the right gutter cleaners for your needs, home, and budget.